Osaka University East Asian Center for Academic Initiatives



영어에 의한 학위 취득 코스 등

각 부국 영어 코스 등 소개

Undergraduate Degree Programs(학부)

International Undergraduate Program in Science(Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics: the first 1.5 years in English, later years in Japanese)

Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program(Politics and Global Studies, Japan Studies, and Diversity and Inclusion Studies)

Graduate Degree Programs(대학원)

Science(Chemistry, Biological sciences, Macromolecular Science, Physics)

Engineering(Biotechnology, Chemical Science, Applied and Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electric, Electronic, Infocommunications Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Science, Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Maritime and Urban EngineeringEngineering Science (Engineering Science 21st Century program)

Information Science and Technology

Economics Master's Program(The Sustainable Economy Program)

Non-degree Programs (단기 교류 프로그램)

Frontier-Lab Program: To join leading research labs

OUSSEP: Exchange program for undergraduate students

Many other opportunities for graduate students to come as non-regular students

각 부국 영어 코스의 응모 자료 및 참고 웹사이트